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Michael Anania, Professor. B.A., University of Omaha. Poetry and prose.

Alan H. Friedman, Professor. Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Fiction.

Ray Gonzalez, Assistant Professor. B.A., Texas at El Paso. Poetry and nonfiction.

Cris Mazza, Associate Professor. M.F.A., Brooklyn College. Fiction.

Ralph Mills, Professor. Ph.D., Northwestern University. Poetry.

Sterling Plumpp, Professor. B.A. Roosevelt University. Poetry.

James Park Sloan, Professor. B.A., Harvard University. Fiction.

Eugene Wildman, Assistant Professor. M.A., University of Chicago. Fiction.


Richard Cameron, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Pennsylvania. Sociolinguistics and TESOL.

William A. Covino, Professor. Ph.D., University of Southern California. History of rhetoric and rhetorical theory.

Marcia Farr, Professor. Ph.D., Georgetown University. Literacy and the sociolinguistic analysis of oral and written language.

Ann Merle Feldman, Associate Professor. Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo. Cognitive processes of writing.

Kyoko Inoue, Professor. Ph.D., Michigan. Language and ethnicity in American history, comparative studies of language and culture.

Elliott L. Judd, Associate Professor. Ph.D., NYU. TESOL.

Michael MacDonald, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Berkeley. History of Rhetoric and rhetorical theory.

Adam Makkai, Professor. Ph.D., Yale. Syntax, poetics, general linguistics.

Valerie Becker Makkai, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Yale. Phonology, morphology, field methods, general linguistics.

John S. Rohsenow, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Michigan. Syntax, Chinese.

James J. Sosnoski, Professor. Ph.D., Penn State. Technology and pedagogy, rhetorical and literary theory.

Jessica Williams, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Pennsylvania. TESOL.


Thomas Bestul, Professor. Ph.D., Harvard University. Medieval literature.

Preston Browning, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of Chicago. Twentieth century American fiction.

Mark Canuel, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. Romantic literature.

Nancy R. Cirillo, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., New York University. Comparative literature of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Jamie Owen Daniel, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Wisconsin­Milwaukee. Modern British literature and romanticism.

Naomi Diamant, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Columbia. Jewish stuides, nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature.

Lisa Freeman, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Pennsylvania. Eighteenth-century British literature and romanticism.

Judith Gardiner, Professor of English and Women's Studies. Ph.D., Columbia University. Writing by women, seventeenth-century English literature, and feminist theory.

Robin Grey, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. Nineteenth century American literature.

James Hall, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., University of Iowa. African-American literature.

Thomas Hall, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana. Old English, Middle English, and the history of the English language.

Brian Higgins, Professor. Ph.D., University of Southern California. Herman Melville and American literature of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Clark Hulse, Professor. Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School. Renaissance literature and cultural studies.

John Huntington, Professor. Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Cultural studies, science fiction, and Renaissance literature.

Howard Kerr, Professor. Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. Nineteenth century American literature.

Michael Lieb, Professor. Ph.D., Rutgers University. Milton, Renaissance literature, and the Bible.

Ned Lukacher, Professor. Ph.D., Duke University. Literary theory, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

Donald Marshall, Professor. Ph.D., Yale University. Critical theory and its history; eighteenth century; romanticism.

Christian K. Messenger, Professor. Ph.D., Northwestern University. American literature, modern and contemporary literature, and cultural studies.

Anita Patterson, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Harvard University. Nineteenth-century American literature, ethnicity and literature.

Lawrence Poston, Professor. Ph.D., Princeton University. Victorian literature.

Philip Royster, Professor. Ph.D., Loyola University. African-American studies.

Gene W. Ruoff, Professor. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison. English Romantic literature.

Natalie Schmitt, Professor. Ph.D., Stanford University. Theater, theater history, performance theory.

Gerald C. Sorensen, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Nineteenth-century British literature.

David Spurr, Professor. Ph.D., University of Michigan. Modern literature, literary theory, and cultural studies.

Joseph Tabbi, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Toronto. Contemporary literature, technology and literature.

Virginia Wright Wexman, Professor. Ph.D., University of Chicago. Film and film theory.

Terence Whalen, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Duke University. Nineteenth-century American literature.


Todd De Stigter, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Michigan. English education.

John Mellon, Associate Professor. Ed.D., Harvard University. Modern grammars; teaching of writing.

Thomas Philion, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., University of Michigan. English Education, collaborative writing.

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